Issue 8

Cover Image: Matt Hall, Market Square

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Lady with the Green Cast / Matt Hall
Market Square / Matt Hall
Day 257 / Dave Neale
Day 280 / Dave Neale
Chinese New Year in NYC / David Slingerland
Romans at Work / David Slingerland
Roma, When You’ve Fled Your Country and Work Is Only to Be Found on the Streets / David Slingerland
Untitled, from Neon Nights / Daniel Soares
Untitled, from Neon Nights / Daniel Soares


Destabilization / Adam Kotlarczyk
Understanding / Joe Mills
Rakija / Ana Vidosavljevic


Do I Dare? / Jen Clem
I Am Tiger Woods / Dominic Laing


How Soft Your Fields So Green / Chris Antzoulis
Twelfth Summer / Paisley S. Burklow
Ars Poetica for Horizons of Earth & Sky / Shirley Jones-Luke (TWH*)
Flying to Korea, March 21st, 2012, a Month Before My Mother’s Death / Kelsey Ann Kerr
Night / J.C. Mari
Jesus Drowns in the Sea of Galilee / Andres Rojas
Rifle Grease, Gun Powder, Dead Fish / Andres Rojas
Book of Signs / Darlene Anita Scott (TWH*)
Oral Myology, or How to Know When It’s Over / Darlene Anita Scott (TWH*)
Yesterday / Margaret Siu


* The Watering Hole is a poetry collective whose core purpose is to build Harlem Renaissance spaces in the new contemporary South and cultivate Tribe everywhere they go. Poets with the TWH designation in the table of contents are members of the collective. To find out more about TWH, visit