Issue 6

Cover Image: JoKa, detail of Twin Behemoths

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Letter from the Editor


The Abandoned Skill of Listening / JoKa
Twin Behemoths / JoKa
TMRWLND 3 / Dereck Seltzer & Tina St. Claire
TMRWLND 4 / Dereck Seltzer & Tina St. Claire
Slow Coffee / David Shillinglaw
Too Many Snakes, Not Enough Ladders / David Shillinglaw
Battle of the Caterpillar Kaiju / Lauren YS
Green Eye / Lauren YS
Jericho Mermaid / Lauren YS


Javelina Boy / Sam Martone
The Playing Field / Stephanie Rael
January 1st / Leah Schnelbach


A Common Narrative / Scarlett Peterson
Sandstorm / Natalie Sharp
First-Year Seminar / R.S. Williams


Ask Me About Tagamet / Chad Davidson
Taxidermy Mountain / Claire Dockery
“Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) / Claire Dockery
Governors Ball / Katherine Jamison
Distance / Sneha Subramanian Kanta
Sacrament / Emmet Martin Penney
Korean War Battles / Robert Ricardo Reese
Prince Said You Don’t Have to Be Beautiful & I’m Telling You: You Don’t / Avril Thurman
Course / Julia Gari Weiss