Zhou Sivan

Peripheral grist troubles like infidel causes of combat burn
vocabulary to boot and ash Oh so sorry I’m vegetarian now
the shrimp word salad on my plate is foison MILF madness
a refugee nation’s sweat stain smell conscience fear ingest it
and you’re complicit in the industry worse you take in its qi
ignore the employee health notice for the fishermen’s catch
stored below deck in burning stupas from the illegal ocean
sidereal wreck let us stop eating human centipedes already
don’t treat your body like a poultice of happenstance unless
you want Hortense to say the past tense of labor is labored
servitude do you know she’s a killer yoga teacher of course
you do she takes apart the edema of personhood makes me
a flexible citizen bent over like a crustacean in an armchair
enzyme dissolving each crafty reader’s peristalsis of worth
let’s be real since we are Asian people we love each other’s
brown noses and blind eyes to backdoor knapsack cultures
best way to stem the tide of fishing consulates is to hashtag
stop eating octothorpe hashtag resolutions fail Shakespeare
tweets all marriages are comic if you done spread abstinence
like butter what have you done about this hoax called living


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