The Reinvention of Shame
Dana Inez

for David

Aside from the materials linked in the matrix, you
believe they pray. While only visible
from the top of the old gymnasium,
I believe they pray. Considering the consequences
of erosion, they believe they pray.

They are always withholding information. And so before the
crisis originates, or as the crisis is originating, or
after the crisis originated, they were hired or dug up or whatever
you were calling it these days. These malicious, dweeby days.
These days of the Instant Dorito.

Applause is in order for those who gently and effortlessly
realign data. During the old enlightenment project, reasons
were often tedious. We should try, once, to know the things
they know. Entropy: the ability to make
protein shakes at the company water fountain.

Plans fell through, again. To be in awe of humans
is dissimilar to being in awe of humanity. Can someone please stop
mincing your words. Ur words r ppl 2.
We are aligned with the need for them. They allow you
to be interested in evidence & adherence. In that order, please.

We can reconfigure the data later. When
we’re not so tired.
When we are better words than we are people.

So this is how they built you: in unity with the distrust of
systematic abandonment. Plans fell through, again.
I know you will not love this. It will be foreign and obvious.
It won’t care for your understanding while very much
caring for your understanding.

Writing does not make me happy. I’m uncomfortable
seeking happiness from procedure. Although
the Internet is seller-friendly, it tends to confuse reality
with stealing. It’s quick to anger.
It deviates in the ways it defines origin.

Plans fell through, again.
Before the reinvention of shame, they equipped
the earth for the not yet loved. Your children love you
because they have to love you. I love you
because I’ve written it out here in front of them.


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