I Love You, Rod Serling
Eve Kenneally

It is morning, the animals
are bleaching. Let’s go ice fishing
even though nothing’s
frozen. No one thinks this
cleanly. Speak pointed
Spanish between pages
& I’ll be an unlined
carina wife. Sea poison trees drown
bats. How ‘bout it now, Johnny Red?
A rhyme pool cooled

off by a century of sleeping. Un-
clench those braids of sea
holly, desert peas dissolved
in syrup. It makes me cold
to stare. And it’s true I don’t
want to look               
like a painting,
that every state used to be
Ohio. Knots of panic
silver & stay. C’mon rummy let’s do
this left-handed. Didn’t you spill

coffee on me. Don’t you know
rubber rooms. I spent the whole
night turning my lights on
& off. Stop lighting
St. Mary candles, they smell
like plastic & she can’t
hear you. The reason you can’t hear
me is because I’m outside, drawing
salt out of eggplant. There might be
a German word for that. I left my
teeth in my pillow, my nails
in your shoes. You’re as good
with a gun as you
ever were. Wouldn’t it be
a shame if we walked
til our hearts
burst, carrying
all this gold.


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