Letter from the Editor

Sometimes a stake through the heart isn’t enough; you have to cut off the vampire’s head and burn its body too. This is a kind of goodbye to 2020, though its tendrils will reach far into this new year. As many of us went into quarantine, hoping to keep our health and protect the ones we love, to protect, even, strangers, we turned to a familiar respite—literature—and (for me at least) a sometimes torturer: writing, creating art. For persevering, I thank you, but also for the orchids, the animal companions, the split luggage, the Prozac, the chess pieces, the PillowPaks, and so many other pieces of your stories and poems that you breathed life into this year, and those before it. Many thanks, as well, to the photographers of the issue—Koen, Matt, and Mirela—whose work plays so well off the poetry and prose herein.

And many thanks to the medical workers, researchers, educators, people in food service, cashiers, and everyone else who kept our world moving throughout this hard year. And to anyone who has been sick or lost loved ones, I offer my deepest sympathy. I hope that some part of this issue resonates with you, comforts you, lends inspiration. I know it’s had that effect on me. That said, I’m finished, you can move on. Drop that heart-shaped Uzi and enjoy Issue 13. Thank you, as ever, for your time.

Craig Ledoux
Editor in Chief
Madcap Review