Letter from the Editor

Issue 10. What a milestone for us. The past five years have been a rollercoaster: friends and staff coming and going, a personal journey back home, swapping a city for a heart-shaped field cradled by trees. This, of course, means trading stinkbugs for ticks, cicadas for an army of chattering birds, a few flower beds for a vegetable garden rigged with an electric fence and two halogen bulbs that pulse into the night like lighthouses.

Looking back at past issues, I see the generosity of those who’ve contributed once, twice, three times, the contributors who became editors, the stories that moved me, that made me laugh, that inspired me to return to my own craft. To those already with us, and to those on their way, I say thank you.

Issue 10 is confident, a little sexual, grieving, witchy, something of an oddball. It’s a daydream, a rocket attack, a reflection. It’s tacky in white boots, it’s worthy, it’s the waves that pull two friends apart.

Putting together an issue like this is stressful, and weird, yet somehow fulfilling. Sarah, for even opening an email with the subject “Year 5, No Alien Lifeforms, Cold Weather, Low Radiation,” I am, as always, so thankful.

Also, special thanks to Joanna C. Valente who stepped in as Guest Poetry Editor this issue. Joanna is a past contributor to Madcap, as well as the Editor of the fantastic Yes Poetry. Check it out!

Okay, onward to the true content of the issue. Thanks for reading, and for viewing.

Best wishes,

Craig Ledoux
Editor in Chief
Madcap Review


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