Plaid Hearts
Dallas Athent

plaid hearts & heritage of crooners crow into the castle rock.
this is how i got here:

wind, wolves & christmas.

:::it all came down the north shore:::

it showed me out of mom’s magic,
the way we all were,
of the brown bar and stools.
a woman sits in the dark,
knitting for something.

i think of my raf bunny and how he would love castle rock.

him and i, perched on the moon.
if we ruled the world all would be yellow.

cherry blossoms would bloom from the stone.


castle rock is how it sounds.

tall, staunch, knowing grey guards,
towers perched imposing.

just look at those guns.

brass clocks, ticking time,
lest you go to greyfryers.

skulls on the casket in stone.




the king doesn’t want you here.
he told u to go tumbling down,
but all the fucks confine u.

come sit, upon my knee.
mon willy
says 2 me.

humming and sitting about the past,
all that happens inside of castles.
all that occurs in scotland is my own heritage heart.
all that happens to me is urs.

it’s, well, it’s something.


this is how i broke up with him:

i visited the crooked alley to speak w/the dragon.

i drank guinness from the spigot & told him
i was a very particular kind of alcoholic.

the kind that drinks three wines on a cross-country train, classy as fuck.

the kind that meets with an old friend in a dim lit place and says
“shall we? we shall, shan’t we.”

that’s how i did it.

in the mist,
in the rain,
in the lamplight.

i guess i am my mother’s daughter.


i belong in castle rock.

i am not a chateau,

i am not lace,
i am not grace.

i am a war.

i am blood through the cobblestone cracks.

i am that line in the pub.
i am that choke in the throat.
i am that ghost with the most.

i belong in castle rock.

i belong there.

i belong there.


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