After We Talked
Maria Flaccavento

I know exactly how to put things in my body. I know where the door is, how to sheep the crowds in thru it on a good day. In the dream I set reasonable goals for myself. 2 sheep. 3 sheep. And then breakfast. I live alone so I can put things in my body. Some things 
happen how a classic tune does. Sometimes in the dream I am a backup Motown dreamgirl, the kind who could’ve really made it big just didn’t, and I live alone for practice. Sometimes in the dream you’re putting things inside your body and they’re coming out like pebbles, smooth. Uneven. So I crush them up to powder and I put them in my body. Sometimes this is how a reason feels. I live alone inside it. My beehive rustles the ceiling. I know exactly all the corners and how deeply. I know all about the swarm. I know it swells, and how it pulses when it leaves your body. I hum some bars from My Girl, swing my hips in this way. Sometimes in the dream I live alone because it’s better this way. I can swing my hips. And I can for you. I can also everywhere. I know the cards. I know my Devil here. I know his bat wings. And that the Tower is crossing me and the Tower is crumbling down, I know that crumbling down. I know your mouth and the bees in it. I know everywhere the corners. I know all the words to this one. O yes I know exactly how. I can see where it’s uneven up ahead. I put my toes there. Set a goal for myself. 1 rock. 2 rock. Rest. I use my hips. I move around exactly. This is how supposed to feels. I put it into my body where it belongs.



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