Issue 1

Madcap Cover
Cover Image: Ever, November 19, 1910, 2013.
Screenprint made with the master printers of the Cabiros Workshops.
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Christopher Derek Bruno / Inverted Pyramid in Color
Adam Cicchini / Tiger Style
Dylan Egon / Mickey Target
Elif Varol Ergen / Holy Terror
Ever / November 19, 1910
Faith47 / Saturation. Incubation. Illumination.
Phlegm / Flood
Phlegm / Oslo
Pamela Rivas / Night’s Woman
Rone / Black Betty
Sten & Lex / Abstract Landscape
Bianca Stone / Dinner Party
Tararchy / Yin Hunter Shi
Jane Wunrow / Lead Me Where My Trust Is without Borders


Justine Champine / High Kick
Allen Davis / The Miscarriage
Bill Derks / Sass
Alison Kinney / 23 Questions for Jonas Kaufmann
Jessica Lilien / This Is Surely a Curious Fact
E. E. Lyons / Little Creatures
Jacob Powers / Where Dangerous Things Moved


Marcia Aldrich / The Undoing
Louis Bourgeois / Crabs
Elizabeth Inness-Brown / Twelve Days in October
Jaime Mathis / 12:14 AM, Bangkok
Marin Sardy / Dades Gorge


A.H. Jerriod Avant / Scuttled in Their Stalls
Cecile Ceuillette Berberat / Man Ray
Shebana Coelho / There Is a Song
Maria Flaccavento / After We Talked
John Keene / Apostate
John Keene / CO2
Steven Klepetar / The Mad Boy
Duane Locke / Terrestrial Illuminations, Part II, No. 14
Bruce McRae / Child’s Play
Nick McRae / The Fat King Eglon Murdered
Nick McRae / What Profit Hath a Man of All His Labour
Jasmine Nikki ‘Nikay’ C. Paredes / Heads
Jasmine Nikki ‘Nikay’ C. Paredes / The Sea is History; We Have Not Learned from It
Emmet Martin Penney / A Necessary Feat
Emmet Martin Penney / Remedies
Juan Eugenio Ramirez / Lyric IX
Juan Eugenio Ramirez / Lyric X
Tufik Y. Shayeb / In The Year of Too Many Hero Masks