Frequently Asked Questions

What do you publish?

We’re looking for creative writing and artwork.  Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry are all welcome, as are their sub-categories (Flash Fiction, Memoir, Essay, Prose Poem, etc.).  Have a piece in uncharted territory?  Great!  We’ll read that too.

Unfortunately we’re not accepting traditional book/music/movie reviews or articles.  Nor do we review books ourselves.  We’re strictly looking for creative writing.

How do I submit?

At the risk of sounding patronizing, the “Submit” tab is a good place to start.  There, you’ll find all guidelines, including information on how to submit your work. Currently our submission periods are March 1 to April 30 & September 1 to October 31.  You will not be able to submit outside of those dates.

I’d like to withdraw to make some edits, then resubmit.  Is that cool?

It’s not.  The work should be ready when you submit it.  Don’t keep tweaking it and sending it back to us.  If your work is in the revision stage, don’t send it.  If we accept your piece, we’re likely to recommend some revisions.  That is the right time to make a few changes.  Do you remember Jerry Lundegaard from Fargo?  He tried to ‘cancel’ his wife’s kidnapping, but that’s not how it works, is it Jerry?  Things were set in motion.  The same goes for your submissions.

You rejected my piece.  Can I egg your house?

No.  We received over 1,000 individual pieces for consideration in our inaugural issue, and as a result had to say no to a number of pieces we enjoyed.  In some cases we’re able to give our submitters a brief note on their piece(s).  Other times it’s simply not possible.  Most of our staff members are practicing writers, and know exactly what you’re going through.  Rejections are never fun, but we do our best to be kind.

Okay, so I can’t egg your house, I get that, but can I submit this same piece in the future?

Please don’t.  It’s annoying to see a piece resubmitted, whether it’s accidental or part of some nefarious plot.  We take your work seriously, and handle it as professionally as possible.  We hope you’ll do the same.  You should always track your submissions, whether you do it through a spreadsheet or a professional service like Duotrope.

What are you looking for?

Work that strikes us.  There’s no way to get more specific here.  We don’t do theme issues, so really we’re open to anything remarkable.  We want quality work, but beyond that we want to feel something.

My piece doesn’t fit any of your categories.  How should I submit?

If you feel like your work is leaning one way or another, submit to that category.  Of course we understand that there’s a little nonfiction in your fiction, a little memoir in your poems, a few untruths in your memoir… we all borrow from reality and embellish with our imaginations.  If you’re having trouble deciding how to submit your piece, send us an e-mail and we’ll figure out which editor to send it to.

My piece was accepted.  What do I do?

Write back to the journal as soon as possible, whether it’s us or someone else.  Don’t stall in the hope that you’ll get accepted by another publication.  If you’re sending out simultaneous submissions, make sure you hold each journal in equal esteem—otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for awkwardness.  Once you’ve confirmed publication with a journal, you should immediately withdraw all simultaneous submissions.  This spares everyone involved from heartbreak.

Don’t see your question listed?  Send us an e-mail with “FAQ” written in the subject line, and we’ll try to address it.